Tuesday, March 16

... my favorite product ...

A long time ago Target was cemented in time as my all time favorite store. It has great variety and is never a let down in the beauty isle. I adored wandering down the lanes looking for that little something extra for an upcoming special night out. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Berts Bees and Soap & Glory. I used to bee fanatical about Berts! Until I found the best lip set EVER! Soap and Glory's Mighty Mouth Kit is undoubtedly amazing! It has two parts that pull off the trifecta to a perfect pucker. When you open the kit there is the double sided black tube and a lip gloss, which is nearly sheer so it goes with pretty much any skin tone. The double sided black tube is ingenious! On one side it has smoothe over, an exfoliant, and on the other is soften up, aloe to soothe the lips. The combination almost instantly starts to heal those poor chapped lips. Then if you choose to add the lip gloss you get the plumpest looking pucker... and the shine makes it look soooo glamourous! 
So there you go… my favorite product...Mighty Mouth™ 3 steps to gorgeous lips kit and includes a Double Smooth & Soften Lip Stick and Super Filling Lip Shine. Check out the link below to order some for yourself!