Wednesday, August 22


OK... So after a very long hiatus from the blog arena I am back! I don't even want to think about what I missed. So, we will do a brief overview of the past *gasp* 5 months I have been away!!
February was the beginning of our monthly meal planning journey. We have stuck to it! With summer here it has been easier to do because EVERYTHING tastes delicious grilled!!

I swear everything else has been uneventful. Although if you ask my husband getting new golf clubs was the highlight, or at least one of them, of his summer.

We have been working and saving to buy our own home. Which is the MOST depressing process I have ever been through. You find a home online, feel like it could be right, but by the time my hubby and I agree that we should go see it the home is pending sale! It is heartbreaking!! At this rate we will not be in a new home this year. We are determined to keep saving and get the home of our dreams, or at least a starter home.

In more recent news... I participated in my very first craft fair this month! My friend Annette,  Happy Bow Maker, and I had a booth at St. Mary's 81st Festival. Annette sold her beautiful hair bows. I sold cards, cake stands, clipboards, and scrapbook pages. The cards were my best sellers! I also had a few lovely ladies who were interested in classes, invitations and personalized albums. I am so excited, which means it is time to step my game up. Annette sold over 100 hair bows! I managed to sell as many cards as I could make, and a cake stand. I didn't mind not selling so much because this was my very first introduction to the craft fair world. I am so EXCITED for what is coming next!!


I hope you are just as excited as I am!!

Monday, March 5

and so it continues

Does it always seems like the world is against you? Maybe its just me. Maybe its just my body turning against me! It does to me when it comes to exercise. Last year I started getting healthy and I sprained my hip. Now I try to get it together once again and all the sudden I have muscle spasms and shooting pains in my arm! It makes me want to scream WTF!!! I have had to put my work out on hiatus until this issue is resolved. However, I am happy to report that my eating habits have gotten soooo much better! My husband and I have been planning and budgeting for a months worth of meals at one shopping trip. Last month we spent $400 on groceries and this month we spent $200 on food! While you might be thinking that this is not an accomplishment had no idea how much we were spending in eating out and throwing out food that died in our fridge. We had a monthly budget of $1000 (dining out & groceries), now consider we cut our costs by 80%... now is it impressive! We plan healthy meals- breakfast, lunch & dinner! We have healthy snacks and with lent have cut out fast food & soda! I feel like this is my biggest accomplishment for February.

Tuesday, February 28

LENT is a blessing

I have fallen by the way side as many many lent promises do. This year my promise to myself has held strong! NO FAST FOOD & NO SODA for 40 days. I personally feel that I have NO WILLPOWER. I am sure that somewhere deep down I do. I have yet to find it and use it as of late. I have been living a life of excess you could say. I am not typically a daily soda drinker by any means but I do enjoy them every once in a while. Enough and often enough that it started to gain momentum without me noticing. I knew that this would become a big road block to my future weight loss if I could not kick this habbit. I don't think you know how hard it becomes when start to restrict yourself and how strong that desire can become when you say no. I am so very glad that lent has started. It was just one more push in the right direction. I also decided I would give up fast food because I am always tempted to stop and get a quick bite. After 5 years chaining driving and eating behaviors it is no wonder I am hungry when I get in my car (please excuse this bit of self analysis). I knew that I would have to change my behavior. If I could last as long as lent (its only 40 days) without a "slip" I could chnage my eating for good! Now I do have to admit that I have given myself 1 EXCEPTION only. I am only allowed to have soda in my mixed drinks. Now if you know me just a little, you know how much I LOVE "my long islands" or "strong islands" as my friends call them! If your unfamiliar there are seven shots of various alcohols and a splash of coke and sweet & sour. I am giving myself this exception only because if I find myself in need of a drink I would rather have a long island than a beer! I also feel compelled to share that I don't often drink but I couldn't take away all my vices at the same time... it would be the equivilent of giving up before I started. The other thing that is important, or was to me, was not to participate in FAT TUESDAY. If I binged on the day of indulgence I feared that I would continue to engage in these bad habbits of mine.

Monday, February 20

Day 6

Day 5 was a REST day... that was by far my favorite day. So... I ended up spending all weekend practicing my Day 5 work out!! Today is supposed to be Day 8 but it will be Day 6. I was inspired by my Lil' Sis. She has been working out 8 times per week! She has a wonderful trainer, who has her dedicated to her fitness. She looks so amazing! Just 4 months ago she was in my wedding and while she was beautiful she did not feel her best. When I saw her on saturday she was just beaming. She looks amazing!! I am so proud of her... her dedication to herself and fitness... and her new lifestyle. It really did insire me to get back to my routine!

Thursday, February 16

it is already...Day 4... technically...

I say technically because although I did my day 3 yesterday... I am feeling sick and unsure if I can even get through the 2 minute work out today. My poor hubby is out for the count as well. I am hoping that I can will myself to get through it! If I can make it through today I know I will be excited to have my day 5 rest!! **Hold on** OK, I think I was gone about 5 minutes... I know it didn't seem that long at all. I think getting sick has already taken a toll on this simple work out. YUCK! I can't believe it took me 5 minutes to do 40 jumping jacks and 25 crunches! Although, crunches are my weakness. I will say, with the exception of today this week I have woken up energized EVERY DAY since I started this work out! I am so excited to be done with this weeks work out!

Monday, February 13


That is right... I said it... SUCCESS!!! After all the delays and plans to wait for my hubby, I had to start. I had to face the truth. My weight loss does not depend on anyone but myself. It does not need to wait for someone else to be ready or have enough energy. It only needs me! I need to start! It took all of 1 minute to complete my day 1 (20 jumping jacks and 10 crunches). I can't believe I have been putting off 1 minute of exercise. 1 minute!! I can not believe that is all it took. Now that all the dread is passed I am looking forward to repeating the work out with my hubby when he is ready.
I am excited to take on multiple projects. Healthier meals, exercise routines, and a beautiful partnership with my husband. Ultimately, so that we will be able to create a healthy and happy life for our future family.

Sunday, February 12

fail.. ALREADY!!

OK... so after my husband committed to getting fit with me he also promptly delayed the start three times! Finally, I decided to start on my own! Day 1 is simple... 20 jumping jacks and 10 crunches. It seemed so simple right. Maybe that is why it was so easy to delay starting the 60 day fitness challenge. Well I am waiting no longer... TOMORROW is Day 1! HA HA HA!!! How many of you thought I was starting today, right this moment? Well, even though I know it is true that I should... it is really important to have someone who supports you when taking on any big challenge!! So I will dutifully wait for my husband. :)