Tuesday, February 28

LENT is a blessing

I have fallen by the way side as many many lent promises do. This year my promise to myself has held strong! NO FAST FOOD & NO SODA for 40 days. I personally feel that I have NO WILLPOWER. I am sure that somewhere deep down I do. I have yet to find it and use it as of late. I have been living a life of excess you could say. I am not typically a daily soda drinker by any means but I do enjoy them every once in a while. Enough and often enough that it started to gain momentum without me noticing. I knew that this would become a big road block to my future weight loss if I could not kick this habbit. I don't think you know how hard it becomes when start to restrict yourself and how strong that desire can become when you say no. I am so very glad that lent has started. It was just one more push in the right direction. I also decided I would give up fast food because I am always tempted to stop and get a quick bite. After 5 years chaining driving and eating behaviors it is no wonder I am hungry when I get in my car (please excuse this bit of self analysis). I knew that I would have to change my behavior. If I could last as long as lent (its only 40 days) without a "slip" I could chnage my eating for good! Now I do have to admit that I have given myself 1 EXCEPTION only. I am only allowed to have soda in my mixed drinks. Now if you know me just a little, you know how much I LOVE "my long islands" or "strong islands" as my friends call them! If your unfamiliar there are seven shots of various alcohols and a splash of coke and sweet & sour. I am giving myself this exception only because if I find myself in need of a drink I would rather have a long island than a beer! I also feel compelled to share that I don't often drink but I couldn't take away all my vices at the same time... it would be the equivilent of giving up before I started. The other thing that is important, or was to me, was not to participate in FAT TUESDAY. If I binged on the day of indulgence I feared that I would continue to engage in these bad habbits of mine.