Monday, March 5

and so it continues

Does it always seems like the world is against you? Maybe its just me. Maybe its just my body turning against me! It does to me when it comes to exercise. Last year I started getting healthy and I sprained my hip. Now I try to get it together once again and all the sudden I have muscle spasms and shooting pains in my arm! It makes me want to scream WTF!!! I have had to put my work out on hiatus until this issue is resolved. However, I am happy to report that my eating habits have gotten soooo much better! My husband and I have been planning and budgeting for a months worth of meals at one shopping trip. Last month we spent $400 on groceries and this month we spent $200 on food! While you might be thinking that this is not an accomplishment had no idea how much we were spending in eating out and throwing out food that died in our fridge. We had a monthly budget of $1000 (dining out & groceries), now consider we cut our costs by 80%... now is it impressive! We plan healthy meals- breakfast, lunch & dinner! We have healthy snacks and with lent have cut out fast food & soda! I feel like this is my biggest accomplishment for February.