Wednesday, August 22


OK... So after a very long hiatus from the blog arena I am back! I don't even want to think about what I missed. So, we will do a brief overview of the past *gasp* 5 months I have been away!!
February was the beginning of our monthly meal planning journey. We have stuck to it! With summer here it has been easier to do because EVERYTHING tastes delicious grilled!!

I swear everything else has been uneventful. Although if you ask my husband getting new golf clubs was the highlight, or at least one of them, of his summer.

We have been working and saving to buy our own home. Which is the MOST depressing process I have ever been through. You find a home online, feel like it could be right, but by the time my hubby and I agree that we should go see it the home is pending sale! It is heartbreaking!! At this rate we will not be in a new home this year. We are determined to keep saving and get the home of our dreams, or at least a starter home.

In more recent news... I participated in my very first craft fair this month! My friend Annette,  Happy Bow Maker, and I had a booth at St. Mary's 81st Festival. Annette sold her beautiful hair bows. I sold cards, cake stands, clipboards, and scrapbook pages. The cards were my best sellers! I also had a few lovely ladies who were interested in classes, invitations and personalized albums. I am so excited, which means it is time to step my game up. Annette sold over 100 hair bows! I managed to sell as many cards as I could make, and a cake stand. I didn't mind not selling so much because this was my very first introduction to the craft fair world. I am so EXCITED for what is coming next!!


I hope you are just as excited as I am!!