Monday, February 13


That is right... I said it... SUCCESS!!! After all the delays and plans to wait for my hubby, I had to start. I had to face the truth. My weight loss does not depend on anyone but myself. It does not need to wait for someone else to be ready or have enough energy. It only needs me! I need to start! It took all of 1 minute to complete my day 1 (20 jumping jacks and 10 crunches). I can't believe I have been putting off 1 minute of exercise. 1 minute!! I can not believe that is all it took. Now that all the dread is passed I am looking forward to repeating the work out with my hubby when he is ready.
I am excited to take on multiple projects. Healthier meals, exercise routines, and a beautiful partnership with my husband. Ultimately, so that we will be able to create a healthy and happy life for our future family.