Tuesday, January 17

Day 12

Day 12: Look at a child. See how connected they are to their creative self? Pretend you are a child and make something.

Everything I have tried to create today looks like something a kindergartener did which is unfortunate and is why I gave up! 

 I tried sharpies but they bled too much.
The zigs were magically running out of ink... I hate that!
The glitter markers started to fuzz up distorting anything I tried to draw.
My pencil sharpener has gone rogue and the professional pencils are all broken.
I left my crayons at home. 
My markers refuse to work.
 Even worse my hands refuse to draw what my mind is showing me and thinks that I can draw, which is not true, not even remotely.

 It is true. I have difficulty creating from scratch without an idea of why I am creating it. I need to look at my pictures and create a layout. I need to picture the person I am making a present for in order to know what to make. So, I ask your forgiveness in my lack of art work here today. I could not force myself to post the ickiness which was my child like drawing. Seriously, there are pre-k kiddos art work that is better than mine. I think I need to go back and learn to make a macaroni jewelry and art... maybe macaroni is the medium for me!