Wednesday, January 25

Day 20 :)

Day 20: Read a crafty book or blog and write about it or create something inspired by it!

When I want to be inspired I look at Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Today I decided to go another route and actually pull a book off my shelf. I really enjoy reading my craft bibble (bibble because although I don't read the Bible I wouldn't ever compare my book to THE BOOK- sorry tiny rant) Martha Stewart's Craft Encyclopedia! I couldn't believe it has been a long time since I bought this book. It is such a great resource. I found it very useful when I was a beginning crafter. I used it to learn paper flower making. At the time I was considering making all the flowers for my wedding. Celia & I soon discovered that it was a a brilliant thought that would be difficult to make it come to fruition. We spent a whole weekend making paper baskets and attempting to make paper bouquets. Only to discard the ideas from our overall wedding decor. Lesson learned... if you want to make flowers learn it, practice it for at least a month and then give yourself a year to produce them all (for a wedding at least)! Even though we gave up on a dream we had an amazing time crafting together (like always).