Monday, January 30

Day 24

Day 24: What is your "Creative Bucket List"?
List 12 creative things you want to learn more about.

1. How to make my own supplies like Modge Podge & Glitter. That is right... wouldn't that be amazing to have my own line of scrapbooking supplies that are easily made at home instead of running to the craft store every time I run out of something.

2. Making my own household cleaners... like laundry detergent. Yes you can make your own cleaners that doesn't have that super offensive smell like bleach!

3. Learn to sew!! I can't believe I still haven't sat down to learn this yet!! Maybe if I am lucky my friend Leia will give me some lessons!!

4. How to make finger paints that are edible!! Yes, that's right EDIBLE!

5. Putty, Slime, Goo... Oh my! I can't wait to make magnetic putty, slime, goo, play dough & ooze. All those fun toys that will keep kids busy for hours. Someday, I can make them for my kids (when we have them) but for now I will have to make them for my niece & nephews!

6. Learn to crochet. I can make the chains but being able to do more than that eludes me.

7. Embroidery... I used to try to do this but always failed. I

8. Photography... I play with my camera settings but truethfully I wouldn't know what to do without my presets! Let alone understand how to use a camera and all those different lenses. I am so much a point and click gal!

9. Transforming a bar of soap into liquid soap... sounds interesting!

10. Learn to use photo shop... yes that's right all those layers confuse me! I should learn to use this (it would be helpful for #12 too!).

11.Selling on Etsy- how to make my "skill" a real business.

12. Digital scrapbooking... It seems nice but I am wary because I like the feel of paper and being able to flip through a book.