Friday, February 3

Day 27

Day 27: What is the usual theme of your work? If you tend to create joyful, bright and optimistic art, then try to create something somber or dark... or vice versa.

I would like to think that the theme of my work is joyful. I love to highlight the best of those that I love and the times we share together. I'm not sure I could create something more somber. I think the closest I got was a memorial book for my Nonno. That was more like a celebration of life when all was said and done.
I was surprised the other day when Nonni requested to view it. The memorial album had been sitting on the bottom shelf out of her reach and covered in dust for months. When she opened it she got this big smile on her face. The first pictures of Nonno are him in his prime, he was so handsome. It was such a joy to see her light up and share stories of her past. She told us about a friend who asked how she landed such a catch! I love hearing those stories, and even better is the kick my Nonni gets out of telling them!
At the end of the day it really is all about those moments that make you smile. That is what I want to preserve so that when I am feeling down or when things don't go my way, I have something that brightens my day. I really don't think I could create something somber, nor would I like to try.