Tuesday, May 11

May is the month of Buzz worthy Beauty finds!

Spring is in the air, and even though the weather has been crazy and can't seem to make up it's mind. Here is a little bit of info so that you can make up your mind when it comes to picking out something special. I recently went in search of sweet beauty buys that might have the bee's buzzing with jealousy. My first is find is a product that has been around a while... it is gloss that plumps! I was first introduced to this type of product long ago by a little company called Skinmarket, the product was Lip Venom. It made your lips burn and wasn't very plesant and didn't taste good either. Victoria Secrets lip plumper comes in various shades which is fun. I am always partial to the baby pink color because it gives just a hint of color and looks nice on "everyone".