Wednesday, August 24

has it really been that long...

     Over a year ago I began this blog with some inspiration from my great friend Kelly. I haven't been very successful in getting subscribers or even posting regularly and the poor blog has gotten at least 3 face lifts! I am hoping this is the one that sticks. I enjoy sharing my thoughts but they are far and few between (if we exclude wedding stuff). 
     Which oddly enough has brought me to the latest look! Homemade & Heartfelt... I love the way the words go together. It is what I think about when I remember crafting with my mom as a little girl. At the time I could never understand why she would take hours to decide which color of flower to paint, or the design of one of her many teddy bear bags.
      Now, as I develop my own crafting style I can understand. There is just something in the picture that drives the design. Sometimes creativity flows effortlessly into the masterpiece and other times you have to walk away becuase the page or the design is just not working out! I have begun this blog to talk about beauty and crafts and I will continue to do so & hopefully more often!