Sunday, January 15

Day 10

Day 10: Create something today inspired by nature!

WOW! So I can't believe that it is already day 10! In the past I may not even had attempted this 30 day challenge because it may have been months between postings. I am enjoying taking the time to update my blog. (Thank-you for reading!)
While I did not spend a whole day crafting, a typical Sunday, I did manage to complete my day 10 challenge. Creating something inspired by nature is not new, many artists look to mother nature to inspire their works of art. I thought of my some of my past drawings, butterflies and animals, and figured I would come up with something later. The day is over and I had yet to post... uh oh! Well, below is my art... let me know what you think.

It might be cute as a coaster set, maybe adding some floral effects, or printed on a tote bag... oh the possibilities are endless!