Saturday, January 14

Day 9

Day 9: Make a list of creative people you are grateful for today.

I know that there are amazing artists out there that can create awe inspiring works of art. I decided that I would make a list of people that are near and dear to me that inspire me to be a better crafter.

1. Mom: Who always encouraged me to be crafty and taught me about puffy paint long before my sorority days. She is so proud of me and where I am able to take my crafting skills now.

2. Christina L.: My cousin who always inspired me to try something better.

3. Helena L.: Introduced me to the wonders of scrap booking!!

4. Jenna C.: Taught me to think outside the box with paper crafting

5. Lisa B.: Who inspired me to do more than just scrap... including trying to sew!

6. Marissa C. & Celia S.: my crafting accomplices. When we craft together I always feel more inspired.

7. You... yes, you! When you read my blog it inspires me to continue to craft! Thank-you for your support!