Friday, January 20

Day 15 (YEAH!!!)

First off I just wanna say HURRAY!!! I am now half way through my 30 day challenge!!!! WHich is completely amazing!

Day 15: Do you like to try new things? What about trying something new do you like or dislike?

I like to try new things occassionally... new foods, new movies, new cocktails, new mediums of art. I wouldn't say that I am in any way adventurous or daring. Nor am I a risk taker, which explains why I stay at jobs even if/when I am unhappy. I would say that when I find something or someone who makes me happy I stick with it! I am a creature of habbit... or rather of bad habbits! I can be occasionally swayed to try something new. Which without my husband I would have never discovered that I can handle the spicy tuna or begin to love jalepenos... things that I had always avoided. That even though I hadn't triedit myself I didn't want to risk a bad experience. I love my family and friends because they continue to encourage me to try new things like yoga, sushi, boot camp, sewing, and even writing this blog!