Saturday, January 21

Day 16

Day 16: Do you create best when your emotions are high? Do you turn to creative endeavors when you are sad, angry, or just filled with joy?

All of my crafting memories are happy ones. Not to say that there are not times of frustration or disappointment. Its just that when I look back I can remember the times when I am proud or my work, love sharing the joy of creating with others and generally enjoy creating something new.
Although, there have been times when I was in a foul mood and going into my craft room and forgetting the world has brought me out of it. Mostly, I think it depends on the craft that your creating. When I made the memorial book of my Nonno I could not help but be sad. It was not the project that upset me but the memories of his life that made me miss him so much more. It took me close to two months to finish his book. Not because it was elaborately detailed or difficult to get together but because the emotions it brought out in me while I crafted. I would suddenly find myself crying while crafting and had to take a break. There are other projects that make me smile the whole time. In general, I think each person is at their best when they are happy.