Sunday, January 8


Day 2: What colors are meaningful to you and why?

To be truthful at first I didn't really think that many colors were meaningful to me. The sky is blue. Money is crisp and green. Snow is that innocent white. Aren't there meanings or interpretations in those simple examples? If you said no skip to the bottom , look at the pretty picture and move on because you will not be interested in the rest of this post.
So the next question... what are my favorite colors?  My favorites right now are teal, yellow, plum, red and grey. I have always been a fan of teal and aqua. I think that comes from being born in the 80's. You can't tell me that you weren't all about aqua and fuchsia when you were a kid. Those beautiful and bright colors bring me right back to my childhood.
Teal, which is a really hot color right now is everywhere!! I think of it most when I am crafting, not because its a color I actually use but because it is conducive to my own creativity! I would absolutely adore my craft room if it were teal... the dreams of a future homeowner I guess (painting walls!).
Plum or purple or wild orchid or whatever you would like to call it is another favorite. I have grown up wearing and loving purple. The bold jewel tone is very comforting to me. Something about childhood memories and that color. I am not 100% why but its very true.
Red is always been linked to love, historically and in the media. We buy red roses and candy on valentines. Red is love for me too, for those reasons and many many more!
Yellow the color of "sunshine".  It is so bright a cheerie. I have always loved the sun and basking in the rays. The sun in my face makes me smile (and squint). I just can't help but smile when I am in my favorite yellow sundress.
Grey is so calm and peaceful! The cool color which brings me back to nature and stone.
What more can I say? I really love all colors these are just a few of my favorites!