Sunday, January 8

Day 3

Day3: What words or phrases do you find inspiring and why?

- this reminds me to look past what is bothering me and into what could be (if I let it). there is always a silver lining but you have to be willing to look for it!

- you can have as many dreams as you want but if you never move toward them they will always remain dreams and nothing more!

- this reminds me that being a good person and passing on my gifts to others does not diminish me in any way at all. sharing my blessings with others makes me no less blessed but instead increases my blessings and those of others.

- love isn't about the buterflies in your stomache, who would want to feel that way every day. soulmates aren't just in crazy high school dreams of love. theay are real people. if you are lucky you get to find your soulmate and live out your lives together. the endless journey two people take to constantly better themselves not for pride but because they want to be the best partner they can be; that is love.

-our lives are ever changing, our dreams and wants evolving with the circustances. when we think about the past, there should be no regrets. this is also something comical because in my youth i did decide to get a few tattoos which my parents warned that i may regret. this phrase reminds me that choices should be life long choices and to make sure that there will be no regrets later in life!