Monday, February 6

DAY 29

Day 29: Photograph your favorite feature.

My favorite feature is... my... husband! Ok, I know he is not a feature of me but its my favorite! A feature that is uniquely me... my... eyes! I don't even mind anymore when my family teases me. When I smile they all but disappear. Back in the day, when I was learning to drive they used to tease me that I better not smile or laugh while I drive or I was bound to crash. Oh, my family is so clever. It doesn't hurt that I have an obsession with accessorizing my eyes... aka MAC eyes shadows! It is the one super girly skill that I have down. I know I use this phrase a lot but I LOVE MAC! Their eye shadow specifically... they have so many colors and in different styles: matte, satin, shimmer, etc. I have so much fun putting together crazy colors for an evening out. An example you say... try lime green, coral orange, gold, shimmery pink, and black with sparkles! I know that may be hard to imagine and unfortunately I do not have a picture but I will work on that! I do have a picture of my make up done by MAC for my wedding. I did my best to recreate it later but I could never get it the exact same- maybe because the pictures I took had too much flash, or maybe becuase I am not a professional make up artist, or something in between. Either way ... enjoy!