Tuesday, February 7

Day 30... I made it!

Day 30: Make a Creative Tool Kit! Compile your favorite words and phases of inspiration, swatches or fabric and color, drawings and doodles, and images into a little book you can pull out anytime you need to be inspired!

Ok.. first I just wanted to say... I MADE IT!!! My 30 day challenge is complete! I can not wait to see what I take on next! Feel free to leave challenges or ideas below!

Now back to the challenge... "Make a Creative Tool Kit"... I already do this! I keep a real life pin board in my craft room and a virtual pin board on Pinterest. I keep up images of my favorite things, like GLITTER! I also keep boxes for each project for the future... *cough*my wedding album *cough*... that I plan on completing so that I can keep track of what I have already purchased and hopefully not end up with duplicates.

I would rather create a tool kit for you! SO... I have come up with a few items that I would call "must haves" for scrapbooking and crafting!

- Thick Cardstock... in a variety of colors, comes in handy for multiple activities.
- Adhesives... my favorites are glue dots & modge podge but picking the one that is right for the job is more important than sticking to favorites.
- Paper Trimmer... a paper trimmer that leaves a clean cut is important. If you want to leave a decorative trim feel free to use patterned scissors or cut by hand- it should be by choice not because of a poor quality blade or trimmer.
- Silent Setter... a quick and easy way to set eyelets & brads. I love it because it is quiet in comparison to the old school hammer setter. Although, you can use the hammer for other projects where the Silent Setter is limited to hole punching and setting details.
- Clear Block (for acrylic stamps): This is one of those tools which is easily overlooked because if you are stamping the most important part is the actual stamp. This little beauty lets you clearly and accurately place stamps with out the guess work!

Other favorite items:
Cricut Cutting Systems, Patterned Scissors, Glue Pads for creating glitter stamped designs, Stencils, Patterned paper, Photo corners, Ruler, Exacto Knife,  AND Scrapbooks to put finished pages in!