Friday, January 28

LOVE.. (How to)

I am so excited to have made a very cute wedding and or valentines project! 

 I will be using this little cutie as part of the display near our guest book. You could easily make one of your own.

The supplies
- 4 (4x4) canvas frames
( I used you could use any size)
- tissue paper
(use your favorite color)
- glue dots or favorite form of adhesive
- scissors
- ribbon (
- stapler
(to attach ribbon to canvas)
- letter cut outs
(I used my Cricut to cut out LOVE)

                           Heres the How to...

 1. Lay out tissue paper, measure to fit canvas. The tissue paper should cover all sides of the canvas and be able to secure to the back.

2. Cut tissue paper to fit canvas.

3. Fold and fasten the tissue paper to the canvas.

4. Once they are all covered, they should look like this.

5. You can embellish your in any way. I picked LOVE to go with my upcoming wedding theme. However, you could use this project for any upcoming event like a baby shower.
6*. Using the stapler attach the ribbon to the first  canvas in the form of a loop.

7*. Now make sure all the canvases are attached securely & hang!

*steps 6 & 7 are optional.

Other options....
You could make loops for all canvases and hang each seperately.
You could hang them individually.