Sunday, January 16

more progress!

I just wanted to share some more progress!

I have completed some more things...
A while back I completed the corsages for the Mothers and Grandmothers (see image on left). Simple pin on corsages for each of the lovely women we would like to honor at our wedding. I was so excited to have another thing checked off my massive to do list!!
After sharing with my Mom & Nonni that they were done and I was so proud of them, I was shocked to hear that they would like wristlets instead! At first I was frustrated because I had just completed the project and now I had to go change something! I had just checked it off my to do list. Wristlets were not in the original plan. I think you get the picture!!
So after some deliberation I decided I would find a way to convert my finished project into something EVERYONE would love.
It really was a simple fix! I ordered the bracelet materials from and simply attached the premade corsages to them. It was so simple and I had stressed out about it for no reason!

Here is a couple pics of a finished one.