Sunday, January 1

Christmas Craftiness

My extended family does a "white elephant" gift exchange every year.  Having gotten married two months earlier we didn't have a lot of funds left over to do something spectacular, we had to be creative.
 Our wedding favors were wine glasses (above), cute right?

Since everyone in my family already had at least a pair of these bad boys and somehow we ended up with an EXTRA 8 dozen of them!We were llooking for some way to transform these beauties into steal worthy gifts.  What do you think? Did it work?

Would you like to make some of your own? Here is what you need!

SUPPLIES:  Spray Chalkboard paint (its easier than the paint on type for this project), blue painters tape, wine glasses, and paper/plastic wrap to cover parts you want to keep unpainted! First we decided the area we wanted to paint and going from that point proceeded to cover all other parts of the wine glass. Including the top, wouldn't want any paint to get into the bowl of the glass as its not food safe!
step 2
 Once we draped all the glasses it was easy to paint. The spray chalk board paint needs 2-3 coats per glass. I am pretty impatient so I did coats every 10 minutes or so (I suppose it depends on the temperature of your work space).
step 3
On another note, remember to use the spray in a WELL VENTILATED AREA!!  When the last coat is mostly dry, I peeled off the draping and tape (again, I'm impatient). If you notice in the step 3 photo there is a little bit of chalk board paint outside its designated space. That little bit was easily scrubbed off without damaging the rest of the painted square.  When they were all cleaned up they looked great! Just remember to hand wash them to keep them looking like new!